19th Apr, 2012

Snowboarders Shape the 1990s: Right at Home in Breckenridge Ski Resort

As builders continued to add new Breckenridge Colorado homes and condominiums and other Summit County real estate during the decade of the 1990s, the new grassroots, international snowboarding craze caught on and stuck. Breckenridge real estate grew into beautiful collections of mountain homes in subdivisions such as the Highlands at the Breckenridge Golf Course and Blue River homes south of town.

Yet the snowboarders were perfectly happy holing up by the half-dozen in small condos.  The urban grunge apparel worn by city skaters contrasted with the bright-colored ski bunny outfits gliding down the Ten Mile Range.  More and more skiers switched to snowboards and riding

By the latter half of the decade, snowboarding was in its creative heyday.  Snowboarders used shovels to build themselves natural jibs and jumps.  The Summit Daily News (12/11/2011) got the story from pro snowboarder Todd Richards.  Snowboarders showed up “without a dime” to grind rails, ollie’ down stairs, and apply all the skating skills in their repertoire.Summit Daily News (12/11/2011).

Richards reminisced to the Daily staff, ‘We had to work for our jumps.  We would ride around on the Hill with shovels…. We would make do with what we had.’  By mid-season, the resort would open a half pipe.

In 2012, Breckenridge Ski Resort has established a reputation as one of the top places in the world for freestyle skiing and snowboarding.  The dry cold snow in the resort makes good hard pack that is ideal for park riding.  The resort hosts the Breckenridge leg of the Dew Tour in mid-December.

Ranked #2 in North America, Breckenridge features five terrain parks and two half pipes.  The 5 parks have depth and amplitude.  The Freeway Super Park on Peak 9 is home to an awesome 22-foot superpipe.  The facility is training ground for many pro riders and champions.  Novice riders gravitate to the unintimidating rollers and boxes at Trygves where they can catch their first airs off mini rollers.

The idea of snowboarding morphed from a combination of sledding, skating, skateboarding, skiing, gymnastics, and surfing.  In 1929 Jack Burchett tied his feet with close line and horse reins to a piece of plywood.  In 1963 the 8thgrader Tom Sims built a “ski board” for a school project.  In 1965 Sherman Poppen bolted two skis together and held competitions with his toy, The Snurfer.

Then in 1970 East Coast surfer Dimitrije Milovich slid around on cafeteria trays.  Afterwards, he invented a snowboard called the Winterstick that gained attention through a story in Newsweek Magazine.  The story inspired Jake Burton to build snowboards with steam-bent wood and fiberglass.  Thus began the first real technology for snowboards introduced by Burton and Winterstick in 1980.The first international snowboard race convened in 1982.

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