29th Jan, 2013

Snow Sculpture Displays at Riverwalk Breckenridge Real Estate

Looking for a great deal on Breckenridge Colorado real estate?  Come on up this week while there’s still time to gaze upon the wonderful snow sculptures displayed at the Riverwalk Center.   We can show you ski homes in Breckenridge, golf/Nordic ski homes at Highlands, equestrian real estate in Blue River, or a historic piece of Breckenridge CO real estate near Main Street.

The Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships is presented by Cadillac.  A history of the process of snow sculpting events and Breckenridge is located at the Event Headquarters in the Riverwalk Center.  The display highlights interesting details about the sculpting process, the teams that have participated, and community involvement.

Ice Village, a larger than life art display in the Riverwalk parking lot, is the result of the 23rd Annual International Snow Sculpture Championships that were held during the past week.  Fifteen expert ice-sculpting teams competed.  The depiction of two horse riders by a team from Mongolia won the overall prize.

Dozens of teams apply to be part of the annual event.  Applicants each   submit an artist rendering of what they desire to build for the competition.  Officials from the Town of Breckenridge look for detail that would appeal to large crowds and a variety of images.

The process begins with the forming of massive cubes of ice.  The Town of Breckenridge employees and other volunteers stomp the snow down inside of a 10-foot by 10-foot unit.  The cube becomes 12 feet high.  The teams are each assigned one of the 40,000-pound blocks of ice to transform.  They may only use hand tools to sculpt.

According to Jessica Smith in the Summit Daily News article entitled, “East meets ice in Breckenridge,” one of this year’s teams came from Harbin in northeastern China.  The team could not fly with some of the sharp implements so they had to make tools to do the job.  Smith also tells about a famous Chinese ice and snow sculpture festival in Harbin where sculptures are huge.  “Full-size buildings are made from blocks of ice and every night the place is illumined by lights.”

The Breckenridge ice sculpture festival gains more traction every year.  Buying a home in Summit County may someday put you in the hometown of an even larger array of snow sculptures.  For information about real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

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