8th Jun, 2012

Ride High Waters and Low Waters near Breckenridge Colorado Homes

Summit County mountain homes in Breckenridge offer Colorado vacation home buyers something for everyone all year round.  Take the rivers.  In spite of this year’s low, rocky waters, kayakers ran a fun course down the high waters of Homestake Creek during the Teva Mountain Games last week.

The rivers were high in 2011 and down in 2012.  No matter the water levels, the Teva races are challenging.  Local residents joined visitors to Summit County real estate in cheering on the international competition.  Organizers awarded $7000 in prize money.

Lots of kayakers venture to Summit County homes and condos to experience the exhilarating lines of force.  Summit County’s Blue River kayaking activities contributed nearly $2 million in economic impact, according to statistics reported by the Colorado River Outfitters Association.

KODI Rafting, located in Frisco Colorado real estate near Lake Dillon, is taking the low waters to a new level.  In an entrepreneurial use of the low waters, residents of Breckenridge homes are donning wetsuits, life-jackets, and helmets to ride stand up paddle-boards through the Class I rapids in the Upper Colorado River.  The boards are like extra-wide surfboards without fins.

The Summit Daily News (05/29/2012) interviewed Campy Campton, owner of KODI Rafting, about standup paddle boarding.  “It’s an activity that makes Class I rapids of thrill when you’re standing up through them.”  He knows from personal experience.  Campton purchased standup paddle boards to ride the Green River with his family for a few days.  They had a great time!

Now KODI Rafting offers lessons for beginners on North Pond Park, preparing them for the Upper Colorado River.  Like snowboarding, beginners catch on a day or so.  “Initial training can be tied into learning how to maneuver small currents before hitting the four miles of Upper Colorado between Rancho Del Rio and State Bridge.”

A second article in the Daily (06/02/2012), “How Whitewater feeds Colorado’s Economy,” reports that whitewater rafting generates 16 percent of the amount of Colorado tourism dollars that are associated with the world-class skiing industry.  “In the Colorado Basin–including the Blue, Eagle and Roaring Fork rivers–direct spending totals over $12 million, generating a total of over $31 million in economic activity.  These figures do not include other water recreation such as fishing and pleasure boating.

Outfitters are finding activities that go with highs and lows and the flows of the rivers and creeks.  Campton is considering adding paddle-board-launched yoga classes and marriage ceremonies to the services offered by KODI Rafting.  Others are adding zip lines.

Come on up to see Summit County Colorado real estate for sale to fit your budget and dreams.  For information about buying real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

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