31st Aug, 2012

Peak School Opens Serving Breckenridge Colorado Homes

Families who consider full-time Summit County Colorado residency—homes in Breckenridge, Frisco or Silverthorne homes, Dillon real estate—now have the choice of a private school in Breckenridge.  A headline in the Summit Daily News, “Students take ownership of learning” describes the empowering student life at Peak School.  Located on the second floor of the Harris Street building in Breckenridge real estate, the school promotes active learning and leadership.

Teaching the students responsibility is a notable goal of Peak School.  That is why students are involved in many decisions that affect school life.  For example, students help formulate rules and disciplines.  They give opinions, sometimes opposing opinions, in a peaceful manner.

The staff engages in purposeful interactions with the students that are aimed to help them to take ownership of their learning experience.  At times the students enthusiastically “teach themselves.”  In this process, they are engaged in acquiring knowledge, asking questions, and discovering new information.

Classes are small.  Fall 2012 enrollment is 22 students.  While the school teaches the 3Rs, additional emphasis is placed upon Culture, The Arts, Technology, Outdoor Education, and World Languages.Several grades of students are separated into divisions one, two, and three.

Instead of being separated by grades, students spend time mastering specific concepts.  They do not move forward until key objectives in a course are completed and they may move forward to new material if they have already acquired knowledge.  With the smaller class sizes, teachers are very aware when students need new challenges.  Instead of receiving letter grades, students receive feedback to help them discern whether they are meeting their goals were exceeding them.

On September 5, 2012, Kathryn Turner quoted the head of school Rebekah Jordan.  “Rather than just dictating,” the teachers carefully orchestrate ways to empower students.  The school brochure says “we cultivate learners to think critically, act with integrity and inspire others.”

Peak School’s environment and teaching staff seek to connect the students with one another as a community and to build a sense of each one’s important contribution to the community conversation.

The importance to the learning process of the parental participation, the natural environment, and the larger community is also acknowledged by Peak School staff.  The new school is located at 103 South Harrison St., Breckenridge, CO 80424.  Phone: 970-368-5601.

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