Families who consider full-time Summit County Colorado residency—homes in Breckenridge, Frisco or Silverthorne homes, Dillon real estate—now have the choice of a private school in Breckenridge.  A headline in the Summit Daily News, “Students take ownership of learning” describes the empowering student life at Peak School.  Located on the second floor of the Harris Street building in Breckenridge real estate, the school promotes active learning and leadership.

Teaching the students responsibility is a notable goal of Peak School.  That is why students are involved in many decisions that affect school life.  For example, students help formulate rules and disciplines.  They give opinions, sometimes opposing opinions, in a peaceful manner.

The staff engages in purposeful interactions with the students that are aimed to help them to take ownership of their learning experience.  At times the students enthusiastically “teach themselves.”  In this process, they are engaged in acquiring knowledge, asking questions, and discovering new information.

Classes are small.  Fall 2012 enrollment is 22 students.  While the school teaches the 3Rs, additional emphasis is placed upon Culture, The Arts, Technology, Outdoor Education, and World Languages.Several grades of students are separated into divisions one, two, and three.

Instead of being separated by grades, students spend time mastering specific concepts.  They do not move forward until key objectives in a course are completed and they may move forward to new material if they have already acquired knowledge.  With the smaller class sizes, teachers are very aware when students need new challenges.  Instead of receiving letter grades, students receive feedback to help them discern whether they are meeting their goals were exceeding them.

On September 5, 2012, Kathryn Turner quoted the head of school Rebekah Jordan.  “Rather than just dictating,” the teachers carefully orchestrate ways to empower students.  The school brochure says “we cultivate learners to think critically, act with integrity and inspire others.”

Peak School’s environment and teaching staff seek to connect the students with one another as a community and to build a sense of each one’s important contribution to the community conversation.

The importance to the learning process of the parental participation, the natural environment, and the larger community is also acknowledged by Peak School staff.  The new school is located at 103 South Harrison St., Breckenridge, CO 80424.  Phone: 970-368-5601.

Come inquire about our Rocky Mountain Victorian village and year-round high-quality alpine lifestyle.  To find out about Breckenridge real estate including Breckenridge fractional real estate in Grand Lodge on Peak 7, contact Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

Despite the hailstorm that moved through gardens in Summit County and Breckenridge CO real estate the day before, the sun shined upon the alpine flowers, waters, and musicians for the 22nd Annual Tour of Private and Public Summit County Gardens on Saturday, July 28, 2012.

The Garden Tour demonstrated the outstanding beauty of Breckenridge Colorado homes and environs can be heartily accented by colorful flowers during several months of the year.  Attendees beheld breathtaking alpine blooms in seven secret sites during the tour. Splendid stands of blithe flowers and billowing pots of color adorned gardens, decks, and patios.  An old chair became a receptacle for a petunia display.

[Invest in our Rocky Mountains Victorian Village and enjoy a quality alpine lifestyle all year round.  Or come for a season to catch bowers of flowers or snowflakes.  To find out about Breckenridge real estate including Breckenridge fractional real estate in Grand Lodge on Peak 7, contact Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.]

Summit Daily News gives us a glimpse of the tour of the best gardens in Summit County real estate.  One of the gardens toured last month has also been featured in national gardening magazines.  Located in an idyllic riverside meadow along the Blue River, the happy garden tended by the Town of Breckenridge and the Garden Club enthralled both the novice gardener and the expert.

Watercolor artists worked in the gardens, capturing the gorgeous blooms to live on through the winter months.A number of artists, including members of “Women of Watercolor”, displayed their paintings and creations for participants.

Starting at the Summit County Community and Senior Center, the tour began with a continental breakfast at 9 o’clock in the morning.  Participants traded in their tickets for a map book at that time, finding out for the first time where to go to see the featured gardens.

The Garden Club is open to all.  Membership brings great company and a free ticket to the annual garden tour and so much more.  The gals take trips, give and attend educational presentations and creative workshops.  They work together in each other’s gardens and raise funds for their scholarship.  And they put on one great Garden Tour in Summit County.  Contact the Summit County Garden Club at info@SummitCountyGardenClub.org for more details.

Hot off the press, the US Forest Service announced its decision to allow Breckenridge Ski Resort to expand onto Peak 6.  Breckenridge Colorado real estate near Peak 10, Peak 9, Peak 8, and Peak 7 quickly developed following the opening of ski activity on those mountains.

Peak 6 will take about two years to open for the 2014-2015 ski season.  For now, investors and Summit County homebuyers looking for new developments of Breckenridge real estate may be interested in Spruce Valley Ranch homes in Blue River or a Breckenridge CO home on Peak 8.  See Featured Listings.

Breckenridge Ski Resort is adding “550 additional acres and two new lifts in an attempt to ease overcrowding,” according to an August 21, 2012 report by Paige Blankenbuehler in the Summit Daily News.  It took seven years of environmental analysis and community input before a decision could be made.  The process itself was a journey for residents of Breckenridge homes, area businesses, and numerous experts, Resort and Forest Service staff.  The result of the in-depth environmental analysis is a compromise.

Most of the local concerns had to do with the environmental impacts.  The Summit Daily article explains.  “Peak 6 is adjacent to an extremely degraded habitat for the Canada lynx – an endangered variety of living in the mountains.”  White River National Forest supervisor Scott Fitzwilliam’s, however, told the Daily that according to federal standards for lynx habitat, Peak 6 does not qualify for the standard.Others were concerned that the expansion will not alleviate overcrowding but rather draw more guest skiers to the resort and create future crowding in an area that is presently very secluded.

Rob Katz the chairman and CEO of Vail Resorts, explained how the addition of Peak 6 will improve the guest experience, providing access to intermediate runs and high-alpine bowl skiing.Breckenridge Ski Resort plans to add a total of 407 acres of skiing served through the lift system and two new ski lifts.  The project also increases hiking terrain by 143 acres.  Peak 6 will get a new ski patrol and warming hut plus a restroom.

The design reduces environmental impacts and address dresses congestion in a way that fits in with the 2002 White River Forest Plan as well as the 2007 Resort Master Plan.The announcement begins a 45-day appeal period during which the ski resort’s internal administration may object to the Forest Service decision.  Any appeal would be settled or resolved within 30 to 60 days.

For information about buying real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

One of the best examples of fractional ownership of Breckenridge Colorado real estate in Summit County is the new Grand Lodge on Peak 7. Fractional ownership of Breckenridge real estate in Grand Lodge on Peak 7 distinguishes itself from timeshare ownership because it provides a deeded piece of Summit County real estate to the buyer.

Grand Lodge Breckenridge homesThe luxurious Grand Lodge on Peak 7 features state-of-the-art residences in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for a “fraction” of the price of whole ownership.  Buying Breckenridge homes through fractional ownership allows owners to afford top-of-the-line vacations with completely custom designed and furnished residences along with unmatched resort-style amenities. Fractional ownership allows owners to purchase the time and spaces that they will use versus paying for a whole ownership property that may only be used 2-3 weeks per year.

Fractional ownership is shared ownership of a property and its deed. The industry for fractional properties began in the 1990s, and a model taken from fractional ownership in the business jet industry. Fractional ownership relieves the owner of the burden of repairs and maintenance while providing upscale features–without having to purchase a whole unit. Timeshares provide the right to use a property but a fractional ownership includes an actual deed for that portion that is desired.

Fractional properties also provide many sizes and time frames to suit the buyer’s needs. For example, Grand Lodge on Peak 7 sells suites and one- to four-bedroom condominiums. All properties feature ski-in/ski-out accessibility, access to a spa and fitness area, indoor/outdoor aquatics facility, and numerous other luxurious amenities.

Grand Lodge participates in an exchange program with Interval International.  This program allows owners to trade time with a similar level of luxury and service at other properties throughout the United States and around the world. Grand Lodge has the highest ranking with Interval International due to its ski-in/ski-out location at Peak 7 in Breckenridge, an advantage passed on to owners.  Owners are able to trade into other fractional resorts in the best locations on golf courses, ski slopes, and oceanfronts.Logo Grand Lodge Fractional home

In addition, most luxury fractional developments offer services and concierge assistance similar to hotel resorts. At Grand Lodge on Peak 7, the Activities Department helps vacationers plan fun activities. Owners also receive discounts such as a golfing discount at Breckenridge Golf Club, Keystone Ranch Golf Course, and Three Peaks at the Raven in Silverthorne. There are also discounts for adventures such as horseback riding, rafting, and snowmobiling. The Activities Department hosts events at the resorts such as Kids Night.

For information about buying real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

Love fishing? Think about purchasing a second home in Silverthorne Colorado or making the big move to Summit County real estate near Dillon Reservoir, Blue River and the Snake River. New developments of Silverthorne CO real estate have added fine mountain homes in Summit County to the established neighborhoods in the area.

Fishing around Silverthorne homes is pretty good this summer. Nearby waters are producing more fish than areas further away such as South Park. On July 24, 2012, the Summit Daily News article entitled “Summit County Fishing Report: Lower Blue River in Silverthorne fishing well,” talked about the mid-summer conditions.

Anglers fishing on the shores of inlets on Dillon Reservoir were catching rainbow trout with a variety of baits and lures. Dave Colson, the State of Colorado editor for FishExplorer.com recommended working steeper banks from a boat with marabou jigs to pull in brown trout.

Below Dillon Dam and all the way through Silverthorne, anglers are doing well on the Blue River. Coulson says successful ones necessarily use 6X or 7X light tippets, and they have to use midges, small mayfly nymphs, or Mysis shrimp to lure their catch.Further north, the Blue River near Green Mountain Reservoir will be experiencing flow changes from now into the fall season. While the Bureau of Reclamation makes adjustments, anglers will discover that the best fishing happens after “the releases are bumped up.”

Some fishermen are finding kokanee, a type of fish that swim in schools, in the inlet areas of Green Mountain Reservoir, Dillon Reservoir, Wolford Mountain Reservoir, Elevenmile, and other waters. Colson says is easier to find the kokanee using a depth finder. Where there’s one kokanee, there are usually more. Until one is caught, anglers may need to change depths, speeds, and lures.

For information about buying Colorado fishing properties in our scenic mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

The owner of the Grand Lodge on Peak 7, Breckenridge Grand Vacations, is proposing to build another timeshare/fractional property in Breckenridge– this time at the base of Peak 8. Breckenridge Grand Vacations is the developer, owner and operator of three vibrant resorts that offer timeshare Breckenridge homes for sale: Gold Point Condominiums, Grand Timber Lodge, as well as the real estate at Grand Lodge on Peak 7.

The proposed new Breckenridge Colorado real estate development includes at least 80 units on the site of the former Bergenhof restaurant. That is a prime location at Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Peak 8. The new exclusive real estate in Breckenridge will be sold as timeshares that are geared to great vacations. Facilities could include a large aquatic area and full-service bar, fitness center and skier concierge, and other amenities that are popular for vacationing families.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations has received recognition as one of the most successful independent developers in the resort industry. In 2005, Breckenridge Grand Vacations brought home the DARDY Employer of Choice award from the American Resort Development Association. The company seeks to create great vacations for families and friends.

The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 is expected to sell out by the fall of 2014. An article on June 10, 2012 in the Summit Daily News reported that the company approached the Town Council, stating that the additional real estate development is a critical element of its success and for the local economy. The new project would likely allow Breckenridge Grand Vacations to continue the employment of 150 persons who generate $54 million a year in sales for the company.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations asked the Town of Breckenridge agree to a number of essential terms. The company would like to increase population density on Peak 8, to exchange transferable development rights with the open space bank, and to donate $25,000 to the continued preservation of Cucumber Gulch wetlands and wildlife habitat.

More-efficient timeshare/fractional industries have been improving on a timeworn business model from the 1960s. Today’s model held up well during the economic downturn, allowing families to continue vacationing in property they already own. According to a report by the American Resort Development Association in 2009, hotel vacancies were 20 percent higher than timeshare vacancies. Timeshare real estate contracts also offer the flexibility to trade resort destinations.

For information about buying fractional real estate in the scenic mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

Proposals to build a high-speed rail route along I-70 could indeed spark sales of Colorado mountain real estate in Summit County. The Colorado Department of Transportation envisions a train to transport skiers and snowboarders to the mountain resorts, especially Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Vail, and Beaver Creek. A feasibility study is in the works with results expected this fall.

Although real estate in Breckenridge is several miles from the proposed route, local officials expect the project would include connector tunnels that with access important side communities such as Breckenridge ski real estate and Breckenridge homes.  A tunnel could possibly extend from Copper Mountain to Breckenridge Resort.

First step to completion of the project is the feasibility study. The department has been gathering information and studies to determine if it is technologically doable. The mountain terrain has been conquered by narrow-gauge trains during the gold rush. However high-speed rail would need to be able to take the sharp curves and steep grades of the I-70 mountain corridor.

If the technology is there, the next step would be determining the funding. The CDOT is projecting a completion date in the year 2025, allowing a good dozen years to accumulate the necessary funds.

However, even with cash in hand, another hurdle lurks. An Environmental Impact Statement or EIM process is on the horizon. It could last 3 to 5 years. Then the CDOT “will pitch the vision to the private industry experts who build trains in the hope of getting an idea of whether or not it will work in Colorado.”

The current proposal for the I-70 high-rail covers a 55-mile area with six main stops in less than an hour. It would pass through Jefferson, Clear Creek, Summit, and Eagle counties. The Summit Daily quoted David Krutsinger, the CDOT transit and rail program manager, explaining the stops in Summit County would probably be between Silverthorne and Frisco and maybe Copper Mountain.

The idea of a ski train is not new in Colorado. For decades, a train service delivered Denver writes to their ski resort in Winter Park. This I-70 rail would serve to spur economic growth and the desirability of mountain real estate.

For information about buying real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

Surrounded by neighborhoods of exclusive Breckenridge Colorado homes, the Town of Breckenridge offers superb mountain golf.  At 9324 foot elevations in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, several Highlands subdivisions of Breckenridge real estate feature large home sites, glorious views, and enviable proximity to the golf course then Nordic ski center in the winter. Breckenridge homes at the golf course and Breckenridge Ski Resort are served by a free shuttle system.

Breckenridge Golf Course is the only Jack Nicklaus course in the world owned by a municipality.  In the Summit Daily News (06/27/2012), Geoff Mintz touts the perfection of the Elk, Beaver, and Bear – three great 9-hole golf courses at Breckenridge Golf Club.  In the mid-1980s, Jack Nicklaus was a familiar face in Breckenridge.  He helped open the Bear in 1985 the Beaver in 1987.   The Town of Breckenridge asked Nicklaus to work on the Elk Nine over a decade later.  It opened in 2001.

Each course features five sets of tees with challenges and difficulties bunkered in unique guises.  The Bear Nine features generous fairways leading to protected greens.  The Beaver Nine has more restrictive fairways and more readily accessible greens.  With bold elevation changes, the Elk Nine disciplines the golfer with its sidehill and downhill lies.

Inevitably, the Elk No. 7 par-4captures the golfer’s attention.  The 435-yard hole has more elevation changes than any hole at Breckenridge Golf Club. From the tee box – past a dogleg right – down to the green in a big ravine at the foot of Buffalo Mountain, golfers deal with a 75-foot vertical decrease.

Breckenridge Golf Course continues to be awarded national and regional honors.  Colorado Golfer, the State Golf Newspaper, bestowed honors of Best Mountain Course and Toughest Mountain Course.  Golf Digest Places to Play rated Breckenridge 4 ½ Star Facility and as a Top Upscale Places to Play in the nation.  In May 2012, Golfweek Magazine rated Breckenridge as a Top 50 Municipal Courses in the nation. The course is rated by Zagat.

In addition, Breckenridge Golf Club features an award-winning pro shop, grass driving range, practice greens for putting and chipping, sand bunker practice area, and qualified golf instructors.

Mountain golf is known for air quality that allows the ball to fly farther and straighter than it does at lower elevations.For 18-hole games, golfers enjoy the freedom to change up subsets of any of the three courses.  The peak season rate is $130, not a bad price to access a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

For information about buying real estate in Summit County, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

Breckenridge golf properties for sale

Residents and guests of Breckenridge Colorado real estate and Summit County the all decked out this Friday for the 32nd Annual Gala by Applause! The classy event raises funds for the highly touted Breckenridge Music Festival, which is held every summer. Folks who frequent homes in Breckenridge enjoy numerous cultural events like the Gala, along with well-known mountain recreational activities.

The event is held at Beaver Run Resort, 620 Village Road, Breckenridge Colorado.  Summit County investors are attracted to the popular Breckenridge CO real estate in Beaver Run Resort. The exclusive property is comprised of 400 fine Summit County Colorado ski condominiums ranging from studio 24-bedroom units. The strategically located Breckenridge homes are enhanced by fabulous amenities, services, and conference facilities.

The Gala benefit ball kicks off with cocktails and a silent auction Friday, July 27, 2012 at 6 p.m. Dinner is at 7:30 PM, followed by a live auction and dancing to the Deja Blu Dance Band. According Erica Marciniec in the Summit Daily News on July 23, the band play the danceable mix of “swing with a kick of country,” Motown, classic and contemporary rock, soul, and blues. The audience friendly group will incorporate five decades of music– something for all ages and tastes.

The dress code is all Colorado. That means anything goes: black, white, neon, boots, heels, bow ties, no ties, and slacks. The Summit Daily narrows it a bit, reporting, “Women are invited to dress in black and/or white for the ball and attire is black tie optional for men.

Applause! Is also fund-raising by selling a one-of-a-kind keepsake book with the secrets to the culinary best of Summit County cooking. Be sure to ask about your copy of “Entertaining! Summit Style.”

Breckenridge Music Festival began on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at the Festival Tuesday Series with Baroque & Brandenburg. Tomorrow night, July 26 at 7:30 PM, the Festival Orchestra Series presents The American Dream. On Saturday, July 28 at 7:30 PM the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra and the National Repertory Orchestra perform In Sync. The full schedule continues several times a week through the Festival Finale on August 18.

Beaver Run Resort is located 10 miles south of Interstate 70 at Highway 9. It is approximately 110 miles from Denver International Airport. To purchase tickets, contact Breckenridge Music Festival at 970-453-9142.

For information about buying real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

Beaver Run Condos for sale

Families who purchase Summit County Colorado homes in Breckenridge quickly learn about the great roadways and pathways for bicyclists. Children and youth of all ages can navigate neighborhood in the small Victorian Town of Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain ski resorts, and visit attractions and friends in Frisco, Lake Dillon,and Silverthorne Colorado homes.

From Breckenridge real estate, cyclists can take the Summit County Bike system. The Recreational Pathway in Breckenridge contains a seven-mile section of a world-class Summit County Recreational Pathway system, which extends over 50 miles.

The portion in Breckenridge is called the Blue River Rec Path. In addition to bicyclists, the Rec Path accommodates runners, hikers, dog walkers, in-line skaters, and anglers.

There’s comfortable, paved bike road to Frisco. The moderate-grade route features a variety of scenery. From Frisco, an amazing paved bike trail circles Lake Dillon. Then it follows the Snake River to Keystone Village. There is an adventurous trail from Silverthorne to Ute Pass and another to the historic town of Montezuma.

After getting in shape, cyclists climbed Freemont Pass to the old mining town of Leadville and 825-mile ride around Turquoise Lake. Another more exerting route with amazing views stretches 1500 vertical feet to the top of Vail Pass.

High alpine biking passes through Blue River real estate on 11-mile ride to the top of Hoosier Pass. Adventurous bicyclists can hook up to any number of trails including 826-mile loop along the Colorado Trail.

The League of American Bicyclists designated Breckenridge as a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community. Breckenridge roadways accommodate bicyclists. There are bike lanes and “sharrows” or shared lanes, and bicyclists and motorists follow the Colorado traffic rules and regulations. On the Rec Path, riders follow a common sense code of courtesy.

For information about buying real estate in our mountain villages, call Barrie Stimson, Breckenridge Realtor® at (970) 390-2560.

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