21st Feb, 2012

Celebrating 50 Years of Breckenridge Ski Area Homes and Cabins

Breckenridge Ski Area celebrated its 50th anniversary on December 16, 2011. In 1960, three friends who met in Aspen – Bill Rounds and Norwegian friends Sigurd Rockne and Trygve Berge – set out to build summer cabins in the valley where exclusive Breckenridge Colorado mountain real estate is now located.  The irony is that because the ski area was created, Breckenridge developed way beyond summer cabins there are now a full range of second homes in Breckenridge with prices ranging from modest to very expensive.

In the beginning Breckenridge was mostly old piles of river rock left over from gold dredging in the gold boom.  The idea of summer cabins led to wondering what people would do in the winter.  Familiar with the skiing in Aspen the trio tossed around the idea of putting in some ski runs in Breckenridge.  They scouted out and marked the first runs in the spring and early summer of 1961 and that winter they were open for skiing.

In the beginning, locals left over from the mining era thought a ski area was a crazy idea that would never work.  It wasn’t long before the vision and enthusiasm of the ski area brought out the adventurous and entrepreneurial alike.

Breckenridge Ski Area weathered many peaks and valleys but ultimately has become one of the top ski resorts in North America.  The historic Victorian mining town of Breckenridge and the characters who have called her home over the past 50 years can take the credit for the success of the ski area.

The Rounds family went on to purchase many prime parcels of land around Breckenridge, which over the years have been developed into some of the most prime second home subdivisions in Summit County and Colorado.  Trygve and Sigurd started the first ski school.  Soon after, Sigurd sold his half to Trygve and went on to build custom vacation homes around Breckenridge.  Both raised families in Breckenridge.  Sigurd still lives in Breckenridge with his wife, children and grand children.  Trygve lives in Denver and at 80 years old still gets in more days on the runs than most locals.

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